Self Lifting

Hello Easy,

I came across your site somehow and thought I would send a question.

If I can get my boat onto my lift next year, I am wondering about different ways to power the ac shore station hoist mortar without shore power. Is there an economic way to utilize the boats batteries or use an inverter, or a very small generator that could be on the boat? Last year I left a portable generator on the dock, but I would hate to get it stolen and am just hoping there is a way comparable to using a dc motor (which I don’t have). boat lift motor

My boat is less than 3000 lbs and the motor presses against the wheel to rotate it.



Hi Brian,

It is amazing how low the lakes were last summer. Hopefully they don’t drop too much more.

The most economical solution would be to buy an inverter just large enough to run the AC motor on shore station. The shore station should either have a wattage rating or a current draw (watts=current*120).

Running the inverter for a short period of time to lift your boat should not be enough to completely discharge your boat’s batteries. If your boat has a battery switch, I would make sure it is not in the BOTH position when you are using the hoist to help prevent draining both batteries.

IMPORTANT; If your inverter is not ignition protected, do not run it in the engine room

Hope this helps,